Sim Wine

Sim Wine

Dalat and Ninh Thuan province are famous with winery, the origin of Phu Quoc Island tourist attraction by Sim wine which is a very special wine that across southwest only in the Phu quoc island. This wine has a special taste equally delicious wines import .That’s Sim Wine which is made by Rose Myrtle ‘s fruit from Phu Quoc

In the Mekong Delta, only Phu Quoc island in Kien Giang Province had Rose Myrtle. Forest Rose Myrtle in Phu Quoc abound where to go and see, most of Rose Myrtle growth in the protection forest of Ham Ninh , Duong to and Cua Duong

Myrtle has two types, such as the Rose Myrtle and Small Myrtle , the Myrtle’s leaves are white & hairy on the underside. when ripe it become to black with purple fruit. Sim alcohol used in Phu Quoc mostly Rose Myrtle . Rose Myrtle has flower and fruit all year, but in the process, Rose Myrtle’s fruit in the spring is the best quality, having a lot of honey and the best material to make Sim wine. there are delicious and nutritious


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